Tuesday, December 6, 2016

A Nice Tribute to May 4 Hero Stuart Allen

Howie Lisnoff has written an excellent tribute to Stuart Allen, who passed away on November 22.  Lisnoff's article, entitled "The Person Who Deciphered the Order to Shoot at Kent State," can be read at:


Speaking of tributes, when I read his piece, I had to stop and ask myself: when was the last time anyone associated with May 4 paid tribute to anyone (like Allen) who made a difference in the way the tragedy is remembered or understood? 

The May 4th Visitors Center certainly does not pay tribute to anyone, even though a very gullible Tom Hayden was conned into thinking it did. In an online article for The Nation, Hayden described the center as "a significant milestone for activists . . . determined to uncover the truth and honor the memory of those who died."

When I read that, I thought Hayden was joking because the very activists he referred to did not lift a finger to seek the elusive answers to May 4 when it actually mattered. In fact, the very same "activists" even opposed the federal grand jury investigation and ridiculed those who tried to work through the judicial system. These activists were primarily interested in saving their own skins. One of them even went to China to study Chairman Mao when his own wrongful death and injury trial was held. There is some evidence that these so-called "truth seekers" are still deceiving the public about the extent of their involvement  on May 4, 1970, and during the burning of the university's R.O.T.C. building two nights earlier.

The last time I can remember anyone paying tribute to an individual involved with May 4 was in 1977, when Yale sponsored a symposium to commemorate Peter Davies' donation of his papers to the Yale archives. 

Earlier, Bill Moyers and I. F. Stone paid tribute to Davies, Arthur Krause, and the handful of other individuals who fought for answers as to what happened at Kent State

Can anyone think of any other instance in which people who truly deserved to be honored got their due?  

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